Did you know….

More than 70% of children under the age of five spend all or part of their day in care away from home while their parents work to support them?

What does Hillsborough Child Care Providers Association do?

Everyday we provide or manage the early care and education for more than 500 Tampa area children from low-income families. We help low income families create a better life for themselves. Low income parents need to take jobs with unconventional hours and low pay to support their families. To create a better life, they often also need to attend school or training to advance their careers and income level. The majority of the children cared for in our homes are funded by a combination of child care subsidies for low income children a small parent fee. The income that our providers receive does not cover the full cost of high quality child care.

The Need

hillsborough-county-childcare-providers-associationBecause we care for children in a smaller setting, our resources have to stretch further to provide nutritional meals, learning materials, outdoor learning equipment, cleaning and office supplies, and continue professional development

Because of generous support from donors like you, they have chance for better learning environments, well educated, caring teachers, and involved parents—key components to a good start in life and a solid foundation for the future.  We need assistance with continuing education for providers, learning materials for the children and to expand our community outreach efforts, i.e. Annual Back to School Event(backpack giveaway) and Family Involvement. All these efforts help the families that we provide care for thrive and grow.